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Kung Fu Northwest home of Kung Fu 4 Kids


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Kung Fu Northwest home of Kung Fu 4 Kids
We Are the Leaders for Martial Arts in Marysville, Washington
& Lake Stevens, Washington Area!

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Teaching Martial Arts and empowering students is our passion!

We would like to invite you to become a part of the longest standing and most professional school of Traditional Chinese and Korean Martial Arts in Marysville, Washington and Lake Stevens, Washington Area. We promise to provide you with the highest quality staff, cleanest facility and most professional instruction of any martial arts school in or around our area.


Since 1996 we here at Kung Fu Northwest have prided ourselves on being the premier school Traditional Martial Arts in Marysville, Washington. We offer group classes and private lessons for children, teens and adults. Our unique Kung Fu 4 Kids program has established us as the area’s leader in children’s martial arts in Marysville, Washington.

Under the guidance of Sifu Carlton Doup,  we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the very best we have to offer in Chinese (Northern Long Fist Kung Fu, Traditional Wushu, Tai Chi) and Korean (Jungyae Moosul, Taekwondo)  martial arts.


Getting Started is Easy

Our Web Special makes it simple!

Two Weeks of Lessons & FREE Uniform
Plus so much more....Only $49

100% Money Back Guarentee

We are so confident that you will love our program,
that if after two weeks you don't love it,
we will refund your $49 and let you keep the uniform.


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Martial Arts We Teach

Kung Fu

Kung Fu (Kungfu, gong fu, gung fu, Chinese Karate) is the common name for all Chinese martial arts. Our Kung Fu style (Northern Long Fist) is as graceful as it is practical and powerful. more about Kung Fu...



Wushu is the Chinese word for all styles of Chinese martial arts. In recent years, modern Wushu has shifted its emphasis from combat to performance art and sport. While many of these modern elements are present in our classes, our focus is on Traditional Wushu. more about Wushu...


Tai Chi

Chen Style Taiji (Taichi, Tai Chi) the oldest and parent form of the five traditional styles of Taiji. Chen style is characterized by silk reeling energy, alternating fast/slow motion and bursts of power.

Taiji is typically practiced for a number of reasons: health, external/internal martial art skills, aesthetics, more about Tai Chi...



Tae Kwon Do (Taekwondo, Tae-Kwon-Do), often referred to as Korean Karate, is a martial art that was created in the late 1950’s. Tae Kwon Do focuses on teaching powerful kicks and an indomitable spirit. more about Taekwondo...


Jungyae Moosul

Jungyae Moosul is a modern, Taekwondo based, hybrid martial art which combines elements from several different arts. Jungyae Moosul places a large emphasis on the weapons of the martial arts as well as the theories and principles that tie all martial arts together. more about Jungyae Moosul...

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